Monday, 21 October 2013

Arsenal score a unique team goal

Arsenal vs Norwich, Premier League, 19 October 2013

It was like something out of Star Wars. Arsenal sliced through Norwich with a series of Jedi-like outside-of-the-boot flicks. The result was Jack Wilshere scoring one of the most mesmerising goals the Premier League has seen.

It happened so quickly that even the commentators failed to keep pace with it. The Norwich defence had no chance. 'Wilshere to Cazorla to Giroud... Back to Wilshere, Giro..., Wilshereee!' Arsenal were a blur of brilliance.

The move started deep in Arsenal's half, with Wilshere gaily skipping a challenge before spreading the ball to the left. Kieran Gibbs and Santi Cazorla hurried it up and infield where the magic happened.

Cazorla gave it back to Wilshere, who had journeyed from just outside his own box to threatening Norwich's. Wilshere steadied himself before releasing the ball and setting off again.

Giroud wedged it to him and Wilshere, on the run, glanced it back. Giroud then hit an exquisite through ball on the half volley for Wilshere to step in to and side foot past a bamboozled John Ruddy. The duo had eclipsed no less than five Norwich players with beautifully incisive combination play.

This was tiki taka gone mad. An aerial and accelerated version of the one-touch passing that Barcelona have popularised.

Arseblog remarked "I mean, really. I don't think I've ever really seen anything like that.

"It was a once in a lifetimes series of clips, chips and dinks built around devastatingly effective movement."

It truly was. A goal that would neutralise the meaning of hyperbole. That would deserve to win any goal of the week, month, year or beyond competition.

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