Thursday, 10 October 2013

What's in a badge?

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Cagliari Calcio

The colours
Drawn from the Stemma (coat of arms) of Cagliari. The red refers to the House of Savoy and in particular Victor Emmanuel II, who ruled Sardinia from 1849-1861 before becoming monarch of Italy for 17 years. The blue is drawn from the sea and the sky, which surround the enormous Castello, the historic centre of Cagliari. Cagliari’s nickname? The rossoblu. Figure that one out.

The heads
Inside the oval is the Flag of Sardinia. It features four blindfolded heads, which symbolise the victory of the Sardinian people over the Moors, who attempted to invade the island. However, when the heads on the flag were turned from left to right and the blindfolds replaced by headbands in 1999, Cagliari decided not to amend their logo. Merciless. 

The cross
The cross is, in fact, a discoloured St George Cross. Spanish legend says that St George appeared at the Battle of Alcoraz with four severed heads of Saracen kings. Calgiari’s badge up to 1970 had a red cross, but the colour was phased out with a later version only having the vertical stripe red, and on today's badge the cross is gold.

The laurel wreath
Wreaths symbolise different things across cultures. In Rome, it is a martial victory and wreaths are used to crown a successful commander’s triumph. The wreath that encircles Cagliari’s badge is a complete one and is unlike ancient wreaths, which have historically been a horseshoe shape. Cagliari FC literally rest on their laurels. 

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